…Leslie’s knowledge, caring attitude, pleasant and upbeat disposition,

willingness to be available, dedication and most of all professionalism were always paramount.

It is with sincere conviction that I recommend Leslie Kulik, our Realtor.  We first met Leslie years ago while deciding whether to rent or sell our family home.  We decided to rent as we felt the market was at a low point yet Leslie’s firm was a real estate sales organization, which did not do rentals.  Never the less, Leslie went the extra mile and took our home as a rental simply because she wanted to foster a relationship with us in the event we decided to sell the house at some point in the future,  Over a period of years, she found us four different quality tenants who never missed a rental payment.  While she never anticipated us waiting four years to sell the house for sale and our continuing to rent the house while waiting for the market to improve, she always made it her business to handle these transactions on our behalf doing everything necessary with considerable dedication of her personal time.  Because we lived out of town, this often involved tasks far outside what a Realtor would do, exemplifying her service to us as clients.

Having seen Leslie “in action”, we listed our home with her when we finally were ready to sell.  This decision was not made simply out of loyalty but instead was based on considered judgment as to how effective Leslie was at what she did and her acumen and intelligence.  Leslie performed market analysis which clinically analyzed which homes were selling, which homes were sitting, the trends in the local market, the comps, interest rates and the greater U.S. economy, giving us both a macro and a micro view as to exactly how to effectively price our home and when to put it on the market.  She shepherded us through this process as we struggled a bit with just what the asking price should be.

Our home was contemporary, yet it was in a neighborhood where 90% of the demand was for a traditional type home.  This was a concern to us but Leslie’s creativity and great suggestions (like bringing in a stager) resulted in us receiving an offer within just a few weeks of the house being listed.

Throughout the years of dealing with our home, first as landlords, then as sellers, it didn’t matter what challenges and problems and decisions we had to make because we had Leslie’s guidance all along the way.  Leslie’s knowledge, caring attitude, pleasant and upbeat disposition, willingness to be available, dedication and most of all professionalism, were always paramount.

Rest assured that you would be in good hands should you choose Leslie Kulik for your real estate transaction.  I am grateful to know her and have come to feel like she is a family member after all these years of interacting with her from afar.


Joel Dreher